Gabe Almonte

Gabe just celebrated his 6th birthday on December 1, 2015. Gabe lives with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. He walks with AFO braces on his legs and with crutches.

Gabe is an amazing, kind- hearted little boy who is always smiling … even through pain. You will fall in love with Gabe at first site! His biggest passion is music and performing for people. His favorite artist is Katy Perry; he sings her music every day on his home stage with little brother Nicholas.

Gabe is in physical, speech and occupational therapy. He requires treatments every few months to relieve the spasticity in his legs as his bones and muscles grow. He’s been under anesthesia 14 times for procedures and had 3 major surgeries thus far. Doctors predict that Gabe will need hip surgery, femur correction, and multiple tendon lengthening surgeries until he is done growing.

Stem cell therapy is known to heal the brain and body and would save Gabe from having so many procedures/surgeries in the future. After years of researching stem cell treatments for CP and witnessing the amazing progress other children have had, the family is ready to take the leap of getting Gabe stem cells followed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. One of the best doctors to do this type of therapy is in Arizona. The procedures are not covered by insurance.

Please, donate now to Gabe’s We Care account so he can begin stem cell therapy.  To follow Gabe on Facebook click here.

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