Landon Priest

Landon is 10 years old and an only child; he lives in Anthem.  Landon’s mom is a single parent working full time.

Landon has a motility disorder of his lower colon, IGG primary immune deficiency, CFTR dysfunction, and malabsorption and is monitored by the cystic fibrosis clinic. He also has a cecostomy tube to help his colon to work and a central line. Landon’s medical issues have become so severe in the past two years that he is no longer able to attend school and play football with his team the Saber cats like he loved due to his port and tube placement. Recently his hospitalizations have become longer, 20+ days, and his health issues have become more complex. The doctors want Landon to go to a specialty clinic at Boston Children’s as they believe that they may be able to help provide answers.

But illness does not define Landon.  He is very outgoing and will talk your ear off if you let him. He likes Pokemon, Minecraft, dragons and the Seattle Seahawks. Landon loves playing sports including football, baseball, and soccer.

Landon is currently hospitalized at Banner Thunderbird and has been here for 23 days. Mom stays at the hospital with Landon and tries to keep up with work; thankfully she works from home.  Trying to keep Landon entertained while working is difficult so visitors would be a blessing.   The family doesn’t have a strong support system so having community support would be huge.

Donations are not needed at this time but may be if the specialty clinic in Boston is not covered by insurance.  PLEASE, send cards, gifts, notes, drawings and fun stuff to Landon at We Care c/o Landon, 3655 West Anthem Way Ste A-109 PMB280, Anthem, AZ 85086.



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