Photo Fighter

Jordan Calderon

Jordan Calderon, a super fun, tough-as-nails, adorable little girl with grade 2/3 brain cancer.  Jojo is a fighter!

She will melt your heart with her huge smile.  Talk to her for a few minutes and you will learn that she is 10 years old, loves music, crafts, animals, cooking, watching cooking shows and the colors pink and purple.  When she grows up she wants to be a “doctor for kids, a mommy and a chef”.

In May 2015, Jojo was taken to the hospital with what seemed to be a persistent headache.  Upon the completion of a head CT, a large mass was found in the middle of her brain.  She was quickly moved to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where she would receive the rest of her care.  A procedure was done to relieve the pressure of the fluid around the tumor as well as take several biopsies.

She underwent invasive surgery in attempts to remove the majority of her tumor. Some of the tumor was be left behind because it resides in a part of Jojo’s brain where the neurosurgeons can’t go.  Jojo receives a strong dose of chemotherapy monthly at PCH. The chemo makes her terribly sick and wipes her out completely.

Jojo’s most recent scan showed the tumor growing.  Jojo has been accepted for a trial program in LA which will require monthly travel but be less harsh on Jojo’s little body.   Mom, Raquel, is a single parent, working at a local restaurant and trying desperately to make ends meet while being there for Jojo’s needs.


Follow this little fighter’s story at  Jojo’s Journey.

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