Aidan Hanson

Aidan Hanson is a spunky, charming, goofy and amazing 9 year old boy fighting an unknown gastric motility disorder, atypical cystic fibrosis, hypogammaglobinemia and chronic pain.

When Aidan was born he was only 5lbs 7oz., a tiny little bundle. In the first two years of his life he was diagnosed with failure to thrive, and hypogammaglobinemia (a primary immune deficiency).  At the age of two (although he had many hospitalizations prior) Aidan went into the emergency room and was diagnosed with an intussecepcion that required abdominal surgery. He healed well and for a while, although he was skinny, things turned around and he was growing.

In 2014, Aidan was in and out of the hospital.  He could hold nothing down.  By September 2014, Aidan was admitted to the hospital for extreme vomiting episodes and a weight of 42 pounds. He was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis which is practically unheard of in an older child and given an NG tube. Four days later he was admitted again; after spending 41 days in the hospital Aidan was discharged with a GJ tube for feedings. He was also diagnosed with Atypical Cystic Fibrosis.  Aidan is being followed by a cardiologist for minor heart conditions, orthopedics for minor hip deformity and slight curve to spine and neurology for debilitating headaches and hypotonia (low muscle tone).  He currently can only take liquids and soft foods, has a Port and has been hospitalized at least once every month.  Aidan is unable to go to school and he no longer is able to play baseball.

In October, Aidan traveled to a clinic in Boston – Aidan had a successful trip to Boston for medical answers. The doctors were able to give his mom some much needed explanations and new medicines. Aidan is eating and even got to swim in the pool…a first for over a year.

Please consider a donation to Aidan to assist with the mounting medical bills.   To learn more about Aidan and follow his fight Click Here.

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