Sarah Vander Meulen

Sarah Vander Meulen is an amazing 4 year old girl with a rare genetic condition called Chromosome 18 Deletion Syndrome which causes Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. This has caused Sarah many medical challenges. She was hospitalized for close to 14 months in her first 27 months of life. During that time, she had 13 surgeries, including open heart and 4 brain surgeries.
Although Sarah has been through so much, she remains a happy, sweet girl. Sarah has some disadvantages, such as she is unable to sit on her own, roll over, walk, or talk. She has medical issues, a trach, shunt and is fed by a tube 21 hours per day. She battles infections every few months and has seizures. Even with her challenges, the family stands in faith that God is doing miraculous things through Sarah. Her infectious laugh and gentle heart will melt you!
The family was in need of a wheelchair van and lift to make Sarah safer and more comfortable as well as their lives a little easier.

We Care with the partnership of local businesses, nonprofits, residents and loved ones, purchased a wheelchair van and lift for Sarah.




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