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Gabe Almonte

Gabe just celebrated his 6th birthday on December 1, 2015. Gabe lives with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. He walks with AFO braces on his legs and with crutches.

Gabe is an amazing, kind- hearted little boy who is always smiling … even through pain. You will fall in love with Gabe at first site! His biggest passion is music and performing for people. His favorite artist is Katy Perry; he sings her music every day on his home stage with little brother Nicholas.

Gabe is in physical, speech and occupational therapy. He requires treatments every few months to relieve the spasticity in his legs as his bones and muscles grow. He’s been under anesthesia 14 times for procedures and had 3 major surgeries thus far. Doctors predict that Gabe will need hip surgery, femur correction, and multiple tendon lengthening surgeries until he is done growing.

Stem cell therapy is known to heal the brain and body and would save Gabe from having so many procedures/surgeries in the future. After years of researching stem cell treatments for CP and witnessing the amazing progress other children have had, the family is ready to take the leap of getting Gabe stem cells followed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. One of the best doctors to do this type of therapy is in Arizona. The procedures are not covered by insurance.

Please, donate now to Gabe’s We Care account so he can begin stem cell therapy.  To follow Gabe on Facebook click here.

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Landon Priest

Landon is 10 years old and an only child; he lives in Anthem.  Landon’s mom is a single parent working full time.

Landon has a motility disorder of his lower colon, IGG primary immune deficiency, CFTR dysfunction, and malabsorption and is monitored by the cystic fibrosis clinic. He also has a cecostomy tube to help his colon to work and a central line. Landon’s medical issues have become so severe in the past two years that he is no longer able to attend school and play football with his team the Saber cats like he loved due to his port and tube placement. Recently his hospitalizations have become longer, 20+ days, and his health issues have become more complex. The doctors want Landon to go to a specialty clinic at Boston Children’s as they believe that they may be able to help provide answers.

But illness does not define Landon.  He is very outgoing and will talk your ear off if you let him. He likes Pokemon, Minecraft, dragons and the Seattle Seahawks. Landon loves playing sports including football, baseball, and soccer.

Landon is currently hospitalized at Banner Thunderbird and has been here for 23 days. Mom stays at the hospital with Landon and tries to keep up with work; thankfully she works from home.  Trying to keep Landon entertained while working is difficult so visitors would be a blessing.   The family doesn’t have a strong support system so having community support would be huge.

Donations are not needed at this time but may be if the specialty clinic in Boston is not covered by insurance.  PLEASE, send cards, gifts, notes, drawings and fun stuff to Landon at We Care c/o Landon, 3655 West Anthem Way Ste A-109 PMB280, Anthem, AZ 85086.



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Photo Fighter

Jordan Calderon

Jordan Calderon, a super fun, tough-as-nails, adorable little girl with grade 2/3 brain cancer.  Jojo is a fighter!

She will melt your heart with her huge smile.  Talk to her for a few minutes and you will learn that she is 10 years old, loves music, crafts, animals, cooking, watching cooking shows and the colors pink and purple.  When she grows up she wants to be a “doctor for kids, a mommy and a chef”.

In May 2015, Jojo was taken to the hospital with what seemed to be a persistent headache.  Upon the completion of a head CT, a large mass was found in the middle of her brain.  She was quickly moved to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where she would receive the rest of her care.  A procedure was done to relieve the pressure of the fluid around the tumor as well as take several biopsies.

She underwent invasive surgery in attempts to remove the majority of her tumor. Some of the tumor was be left behind because it resides in a part of Jojo’s brain where the neurosurgeons can’t go.  Jojo receives a strong dose of chemotherapy monthly at PCH. The chemo makes her terribly sick and wipes her out completely.

Jojo’s most recent scan showed the tumor growing.  Jojo has been accepted for a trial program in LA which will require monthly travel but be less harsh on Jojo’s little body.   Mom, Raquel, is a single parent, working at a local restaurant and trying desperately to make ends meet while being there for Jojo’s needs.


Follow this little fighter’s story at  Jojo’s Journey.

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Aidan Hanson

Aidan Hanson is a spunky, charming, goofy and amazing 9 year old boy fighting an unknown gastric motility disorder, atypical cystic fibrosis, hypogammaglobinemia and chronic pain.

When Aidan was born he was only 5lbs 7oz., a tiny little bundle. In the first two years of his life he was diagnosed with failure to thrive, and hypogammaglobinemia (a primary immune deficiency).  At the age of two (although he had many hospitalizations prior) Aidan went into the emergency room and was diagnosed with an intussecepcion that required abdominal surgery. He healed well and for a while, although he was skinny, things turned around and he was growing.

In 2014, Aidan was in and out of the hospital.  He could hold nothing down.  By September 2014, Aidan was admitted to the hospital for extreme vomiting episodes and a weight of 42 pounds. He was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis which is practically unheard of in an older child and given an NG tube. Four days later he was admitted again; after spending 41 days in the hospital Aidan was discharged with a GJ tube for feedings. He was also diagnosed with Atypical Cystic Fibrosis.  Aidan is being followed by a cardiologist for minor heart conditions, orthopedics for minor hip deformity and slight curve to spine and neurology for debilitating headaches and hypotonia (low muscle tone).  He currently can only take liquids and soft foods, has a Port and has been hospitalized at least once every month.  Aidan is unable to go to school and he no longer is able to play baseball.

In October, Aidan traveled to a clinic in Boston – Aidan had a successful trip to Boston for medical answers. The doctors were able to give his mom some much needed explanations and new medicines. Aidan is eating and even got to swim in the pool…a first for over a year.

Please consider a donation to Aidan to assist with the mounting medical bills.   To learn more about Aidan and follow his fight Click Here.

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Sarah Vander Meulen

Sarah Vander Meulen is an amazing 4 year old girl with a rare genetic condition called Chromosome 18 Deletion Syndrome which causes Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. This has caused Sarah many medical challenges. She was hospitalized for close to 14 months in her first 27 months of life. During that time, she had 13 surgeries, including open heart and 4 brain surgeries.
Although Sarah has been through so much, she remains a happy, sweet girl. Sarah has some disadvantages, such as she is unable to sit on her own, roll over, walk, or talk. She has medical issues, a trach, shunt and is fed by a tube 21 hours per day. She battles infections every few months and has seizures. Even with her challenges, the family stands in faith that God is doing miraculous things through Sarah. Her infectious laugh and gentle heart will melt you!
The family was in need of a wheelchair van and lift to make Sarah safer and more comfortable as well as their lives a little easier.

We Care with the partnership of local businesses, nonprofits, residents and loved ones, purchased a wheelchair van and lift for Sarah.




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Tyler Hallesy

“I believe that everyone can be happy.  I dream that nobody harmed anybody.  I try and make the world a better place.  I hope I am making a difference.  I am gentle but strong” – Tyler Hallsey


On February 8, 2013 Tyler Hallsey was diagnosed with Pontine Glioma which is a tumor surrounding the brain stem.

On June 13, 2014 the community of Anthem said goodbye to our superman, Tyler Hallsey.  He fought hard and made a difference in our hearts!



Josh Coppoth

Josh Coppoth had emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor last year, and since then has bravely faced a grueling regimen of radiation and chemotherapy. He will receive his last full chemotherapy treatment on May 1. Josh has managed to maintain straight As in school even though he has been homebound through most of this year. He has been named the recipient of the Anderson Security Citizenship Award for 2008 because of his ability to share his bravery with a soldier in Iraq. Josh has decided he wants to be a doctor when he grows up so that he can repay in someway those that have been there for him.

Brooke York

Brooke York

Brooke York was just four years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Brooke’s battle was not an easy one. Numerous chemotherapy treatments, injections and transfusions left her tired and weak. But her will to survive was strong, helped no doubt by the outpouring of support and attention she received from We Care and the Anthem community.

“My husband and I are overwhelmed by what has happened in the community. Strangers are fund-raising for our family,” said Brooke’s mother, Redonna. “It’s amazing!”

Brooke’s cancer is in remission.


Jeremy Pascua

Jeremy Pascua was hospitalized when he was only six months old with the flu and pneumonia and was subsequently diagnosed with a heart condition — cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart. He has to take medically prescribed supplements and prescriptions, which We Care subsidizes.

His heart condition has improved dramatically. At the beginning of his illness his ejection fraction (the percentage of blood that is pumped out of a filled ventricle with each heartbeat) was at 19 percent — normal is 60 percent. Jeremy, now four years old, is still improving!

The family also has been given the rental management responsibilities of a Bounce Around inflatable party activity, The Castle. A portion of the proceeds from the rentals goes into Jeremy’s account.